Who are we?

Endpoint is a professional translation company with experienced hands in the language translation and localization industry. A group of translation and localization veterans established Endpoint to serve as the ultimate multilingual link between human culture and modern civilization where the cohort effect of generating labels prevails. Our teams encompass translators, revisers, reviewers, proofreaders, DTP specialists, and PM experts with immense expertise and professional ethics.

Professional Translation Services

We understand the significance of time and deadlines to streamline your business, and therefore relentlessly undertake and carry out a rigorous translation process to offer you, our customer paramount service, within the appropriate time limits you specify.

All Languages

We have a talented team of linguists who can provide translation services in most language pairs including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, etc.

Work Cycle

From start point until the end point, nothing is left. We follow a systematic process. Upon receiving the project from the client; our team leader prepares a term base which includes all the important terms and expressions used in the files. Then he assigns the project to a group of translators who are specialized in the field. After finishing the translation phase, the target files are sent to the reviser who checks the translation thoroughly word by word to spot any cases of inconsistency or issues in the meaning. Then the revised files are sent to the native proofreader who proofreads the files to carry a clear and simple native style. The last phase of the work process is the DTP process in which we create a near copy of the source file to provide the client with a target file that carries the same format of the source file.

Quick Professional Service

We have a dedicated team of professional translators who work around the clock to provide you with highly professional translation and linguistic services within the defined deadlines. Don’t worry no matter how urgent is your translation, we will deliver it as soon as possible without any extra fees.


The Endpoint-Translation team includes a group of highly experienced staff that affect the company's progress and distinguish it from others

Jane Elliot

English language proof-reader

Maged Abdel Salam Mohamed

Software Engineer
  • Endpoint Company Website Developer - BS in Computer Science

Mahmoud Fathi Saad

QA & Translation Manager

Prof. Ahmad Abdel Tawwab

  • Head of Simultaneous Interpretation Division EN <> AR Interpreter & Simultaneous Translator


To serve as a powerful bridge for human communication by continually providing the best language translation and localization services.

Resolutely facilitate our customers’ proper steering of their businesses in the aggressive industry segments worldwide

Get All Your Linguistic Needs Fulfilled in One Place

Our Promise

Quality The meaning is a vital component of any translated text. If the translation fails to convey the accurate intended meaning, it shall be a defective translation. Our professional translators, in Endpoint, pay more attention to this area. They spare no effort to provide the clients with a text free from any errors or mistakes.