Types of Translation This is where every single linguistic and editorial need of yours is getting totally fulfilled! And it's where your written text ready is getting coated with diverse bundles of our top natively precision twists! WORDS! With its wide uses, it’s the predominant tool of delivering different communication messages regardless of their users. The main dilemma here is the powerful effect of the foreign languages on comprehension and perception, along with how translation could incapacitate it. Even so, and through Endpoint Translation integrated services, this dilemma is gone with the wind! Endpoint translation services with all its branches; legal, technical, marketing, medical, commercial and business, banking, games, travel, and tourism and computer and IT, will never mislay words essence or misdirect the intended message to be conveyed accurately ever again! We know that translation is only a step followed by other essential tasks on the hierarchy of converting a message from language to language which usually ends by publishing it. Therefore we offer content writing from one hand, and editing and proofreading from the other hand. And finally, we save you from the hassle related to the production of printed matter and offer desktop publishing services as well. A. Translation & Localization: Translation services: At Endpoint, we offer a high-end quality translation through our professional team. We engross the meaning, structure, and individuality of each language and reproduce the content in precision and perfection. Localization services: Each and every culture is distinctive; hence localizing is way more beyond translation. A localized end message should give the impression of originally created in the target culture, for the target audience. We present you with a localization service that ultimately serves your marketing and branding goals. 1. Legal Translation: Who would be better in translating legal documents than those who are experts in that particular type of translation? NOBODY! That’s why Endpoint is arming you with a unique team of professional legal translators with their DEEP field knowledge and experience. They are fully prepared to translate all types of legal documents including, but not limited to, contracts and agreements, legal papers, the power of attorney, m/b/d cert, University certificates and transcripts, patents, laws, regulations, and more. 2. Technical Translation: It is without a shadow of a doubt that the technical translation is considered one of the most demanding translations since it requires a particular “know-how” in the field of the needed translation; as the terms and expressions used. At Endpoint Translation, our team includes a group of technical translators who not only have a good command of technical terms and terminology, but also are well versed in many technical fields. They have proven their experience and expertise through translating many technical documents throughout the years; including manuals of motorcycles, cars, machines; user guides, etc. 3. Marketing Translation: THIS IS WHERE CREATIVITY SHINE! Unlike other types of translations, marketing translation requires a professional yet creative translator who has the needed skill in conveying the exact meaning intended by its author. In that particular service, we care the most about producing the top audience-oriented translation that can perfectly serve the marketing purposes of the text. Our team is capable of providing you with an efficient translation for your marketing material to be in contact with the target audience as the original source does. It’s time for your translated text to be up to your marketing standards! 4. Medical Translation: Welcome to one of the most detailed and scientific fields our there! Medical translation is contemplated as a truly complicated type since it entails the highest levels of proficiency in the medical field. It necessitates from the translator to be an expert in the translation techniques as knowledgeable in that specific field, and that’s exactly what we are providing in here! It isn’t just about terms, is it? It’s rather about being a voracious researcher who can tailor the text to serve its main aim and purpose. Endpoint Translation team is fully aware of that, and they are fully equipped to handle all of your medical translation texts! 5. Commercial and Business Translation: LET’S TALK BUSINESS! And when it comes to that, professionalism and clearness of the context is what matters the most! The language of business is different from the language spoken by people or used in writing. It’s also a must that your brand’s tone of voice be dispatched to the reader in way of the highest professional standards. That kind of documents are fulfilled with specific terms, each with a direct and distinctive meaning and the slightest change in a word’s context should be completely off the table. NO WORRIES THEN! Is it commercial agreements, quotations, technical specifications, tender documents, bids, receipts, financial statements, budgets, auditing reports, or commercial correspondences? All of them? Endpoint Translation business team is up to it! Pass it by and leave the rest to us. 6. Banking Documents: Pay attention to numbers and figures, because that is what critical in here! Endpoint translators in that section are highly detail oriented, figures addicted, and subject matter experts in banking translation! Banking documents include all the following ones: the Credit Agreement, letters of credit, notes, collateral documents, guarantees, interest rate protection agreements and other agreements and instruments entered into under or in connection with the Credit Agreement from time to time. AND THEY ARE ALL A PEACE OF CAKE FOR OUR TEAM! Your financial translation requests have finally found its perfect sanctuary. 7. Games Translation: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT’S THE ERA OF GAMING DOMINATION! And we can’t resist indulging that kind of translation within our services. The electronic video gaming industry is definitely and in the meanwhile a very prosperous and potential electronic industry in the field of entertainment. Back in 2018, its total value hit a high record of approx. USD 138 Billion, and the amount didn’t stop growing since then. Its value doesn’t only include money and profit, but it also extends a remarkable impact on people. Endpoint Translation encamps a special team of gamers/translators. Who would be better in translation that kind of text rather than translators who happen to be gaming addicts? We deal with all games translation challenges and tailor the Video games translation services to fully achieve the desirable results. The video game translation services include, but not confined to: 1. Web gaming 2. Mobile Gaming 3. Marketing and promotional materials 4. Gaming Newsletters 5. Gaming Brochures 6. Gaming software 8. Travel & Tourism Translation: The hub of all the foreign languages out there in their best forms! This where we showoff our talent in coating your text with the top natively accurate translation of text and meaning. At Endpoint Translation, all your travel and tourism material shall be translated in an efficient manner by encoding the culture essence you wish to be well decoded from and to your target audience. Our expert translators have considerable experience in translating most of the travels and tourism documents including: • Promotional Materials for hotels • Tourism Destinations • Travel Guides • Travel Brochures • Hotel Websites • Newsletters • Promotional Campaigns 9. Computer and IT Translation: This specific type of translation is similar to other technical translations; it’s full of industry terminologies that do not typically exist in most dictionaries. Therefore, Endpoint empowers your translated materials with combine translators who are excellent on the translation level as well as the essential knowledge in the IT field. Our team provides a satisfying IT translation service whatever the project, document or event you handed us! Looking for translators who can go beyond dictionaries? Welcome to our team then. 10. Literary Translation: This type of translation doesn’t demand only a professional translator who masters both source and target language but also a sophisticated one who has a unique taste in the art of languages. It requires someone who is capable of conveying the text into a piece of art through the target language. That’s what we call the right ventures for the mission! Endpoint Translation team is ready to handle all types of literary texts, include poems, plays, short stories, novels, prose, and more. 11. Software Localization: The challenging aspect in software localization is clear when considering that modifying the software to adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a different geographic region doesn’t depend only on the translation itself. At Endpoint, we are aware that to fully provide a satisfying software localization for our customers, we need to employ local translators, editors, and software developers to ensure a seamless transition, and that’s exactly what we offer! For that matter, we do provide an integrated bundle of experts to perfectly handling your software localization tasks from A to Z. 12. Script Translation: There is a major importance in script translation to accurately transmit the image in any audiovisual production. This distinctive area of translation calls for a distinguished localizing and translating skills along with a great portion of creativity. Endpoint team of translators has all what it takes to provide a sufficient script translation that come into contact with your target audience. You can now focus on crafting your script and we can perfectly transform it into any desired language! 13. Multimedia Localization: Multimedia has become a very essential mean of connecting with an audience in the digital era. Hence, the language gap should not stand between you and your audience anymore. AND THAT’S OUR MISSION! Endpoint Translation offers you a localizing, not just a translation service where we transform the content to natively accurate language that perfectly reflect the culture you’re targeting. Regardless of how a complex process it is, at Endpoint, we are experts to handle it probably!